St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral
5913 State Road
Parma Ohio
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Thank you to everyone who participated

in the Drive-Thru Ukrainian Food Festival

On  Saturday October 17, 2020


 St. Vladimir Cathedral, 5913 State Rd, Parma, OH


A special Thank You to the volunteers who made it happen.






Sunday, October 25, 2020

8:30 AM English Divine Liturgy

10:30 AM Ukrainian Divine Liturgy


20th Sunday after Pentecost. Tone 3
Commemoration of the Holy Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical
Council (787).
Martyrs Probus, Tarachus, and Andronicus at Tarsus in Cilicia (304). Ven.
Cosmas the Hymnographer, bishop of Maiuma (787). Martyr Domnina
of Anazarbus (286). St. Martin the Merciful, bishop of Tours (397).
Matins (9): Jn. 20, 19-31
Gal. 1:11-19; Lk. 7:11-16
To Holy Fathers: Heb. 13:7-16; Jn. 17:1-13


Неділя 20-та після П’ятидесятниці. Голос 3
Пам’ять святих отців сьомого Вселенського Собору
Мчч. Прова, Тараха і Андроника (304). Прп. Косми, єп.
Маюмського, творця канонів (бл. 787). Мц. Домніки (286).
Свт. Мартина Милостивого, єп. Турського (бл. 400).
Утр.: (9): Ін. 20, 19-31
Гал. 1:11-19; Лк. 7:11-16
Свв. Отцям: Євр. 13:7-16; Ін. 17:1-13









The latest quarterly edition of the Consistory Circular (Fall 2020)

Consistory Circular Fall 2020


Всечесні отці та дорогі брати і сестри: ХРИСТОС ПОСЕРЕД НАС!

Разом із цим листом надсилаємо Вам випуск квартального Обіжника Консисторії (осінь 2020 року). Будь ласка розмістіть його на дошці оголошень парафії та розповсюдьте між парафіями (версія в електронному форматі розміщена на інтернетній сторінці УПЦ США).

Обіжник Консисторії Осінь 2020




The bulletin is back. 

2020-10  October 11


11 жовтня, 2020




Sunday November 1, 2020

8:30 AM English Divine Liturgy

10:30 AM Ukrainian Divine Liturgy


21st Sunday after Pentecost. Tone 4
Prophet Joel (800 B.C.). Martyr Warus and seven monk-martyrs in Egypt
(307). Blessed Cleopatra (327) and her son John, in Egypt. Hieromartyr
Sadoc (Sadoth), bishop of Persia, and 128 Martyrs with him (342). Ven.
John Rylskyj
Matins Gospel (10): Jn. 21:1-14
Gal. 2:16-20 ; Lk. 8:5-15


Неділя 21-та після П’ятидесятниці. Голос 4
Прор. Іоїля (800 р. до Р.Х.). Мч. Уара і з ним семи вчителів
християнських (бл. 307). Блж. Клеопатри (327) і сина її Іоана
(320). Сщмч. Садока, єп. Персидського, і з ним 128-ми
мучеників (342). Прп. Іоана Рильського.
Утр.: (10): Ін. 21:1-14
Гал. 2:16-20; Лк. 8:5-15


Commemoration for health and memorial forms link to pdf


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Perogies for sale Friday

from 9:00 AM to Noon.

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Perogies on 

Friday October 23

Friday  October 30

Featured flavors are the Potato,



Cheese (sweet cheese)


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A letter of Greetings from Fr. John on the occasion of the Church New Year.


Read as a pdf by clicking the following:


English                   Ukrainian




З Днем Незалежності Укуаїни! Happy Ukrainian Independence Day!
Virtual celebration of Ukraine’s Independence Day in the Ukrainian community in Parma, Ohio
Віртуальне святкування Дня Незалежності України в Пармі, Огайо


FROM YOUR PASTOR June 25, 2020


  June 25, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

                Slava Isusu Christu!     Glory to Jesus Christ!

“One thing I have desired of the Lord, That will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord All the days of my life, To behold the [a]beauty of the Lord, And to inquire in His temple.”   ~Psalm 27 4:6

.............. READ THE REST HERE

Letter from your Pastor  June 25, 2020  pdf version.




For those who are unable to attend the Cathedral because of age or health situation  the Liturgy at St. Vladimir Cathedral is live-streamed on Facebook.  You do NOT need an account to view on the St. Vladimir Facebook page.  When asked to join, click 'no thank you.'




The doors of St. Vladimir Cathedral are open for Liturgical Services.  

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Opening The Doors of St. Vladimir Cathedral The pdf version 




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5913 State Road

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From the Office of the President of the Consistory: Parishes of the Church Begin the Process of Re-Opening

Від Голови Консисторії: Парафії Церкви Розпочинають Процес Відкриття Храмів


Although these are difficult times,

please remember the monetary needs of your parish.

Make a charitable

Donation to

St. Vladimir Cathedral

5913 State Road

Parma Ohio 44134


Donate on-line by following this link.

Links to Live Broadcasts of the Liturgy and other services.

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada – Divine Liturgy Livestreams

              Western Eparchy:
Livestream from St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, Edmonton, AB @ 9:00 am MDT hosted on the Cathedral’s Facebook page.    Link:

             Central Eparchy:
Livestream from Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, Winnipeg, MB @ 10:00am CDT hosted on the Cathedral’s Facebook page.    Link:

              Eastern Eparchy:  Livestream from St. Sophie Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, Montreal, QC @ 10:00am EDT hosted on the Cathedral’s Facebook page.   Link:

Statement on the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) from the Council of Bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA (in English and Ukrainian):
Helpful Links on the coronavirus disease (COVID-19):

Ohio Department of Health (ODH)






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Zoe for Life         ZOE is a charitable organization offering a wide variety of resources and support for women in a crisis pregnancy:
Zoe House  
   ZOE House is equipped to provide free and confidential services to clients.
St. Panteleimon Orthodox Christian Outreach     
A Pan-Orthodox ministry that displays Christian love, mercy and compassion to the individuals, families and facilities it serves.

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Due to the Pandemic, the following schedule is suspended until further notice!  

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The First and Finest    by V. Rev. Robert Holet

Mr. William Marianes, a member of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, a dynamic lay leader and teacher who serves as legal consultant to the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the USA.

Igniting the Flame of True Orthodox Christian Stewardship