St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral
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Parma Ohio
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June 2018

      All Saints Sunday

                Недiля Всiх Святих
2018   Sunday, June 3, 2018   

2018   Недiля 3 червня, 2018    

2018  June 3   The Children's Word:  Do you need help?


This bulletin is the final one until after Labor Day. Thank you to Pani Matka Mary Anne, who has been typing the bulletin for 31 years this bulletin is #1263) and to Fr. Michael for the excellent Ukrainian translation that is printed every week, as well asto the parish secretary, Mrs. Lydia Schkurko, for duplicating and mailing the bulletin. Thanks also go out to everyone who has made donations throughout the year to help cover the cost of this weekly publication. May God bless you for your love and dedication to our parish.

May 2018

Pentecost      Holy Trinity Sunday      Memorial Day  

                П’ятидесятниця       День Святої Тройцi      Зеленi Свята      День Пам’яті
2018   Sunday, May 27, 2018   

2018   Недiля 27 травня, 2018    

2018  May 27  The Children's Word: Do you need help?


Sunday of the Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council      Holodomor Remembrance

                   Недiля Отцiв Першого Вселенського Собору  Вшанування Жертв Голодомору

2018   Sunday, May 20, 2018   

2018   Недiля 20 травня, 2018    

2018  May 20   The Children's Word: Don't forget


  Sunday of the Blind Man     Holy Apostle James – Mother’s Day  

                                 Неділя про Сліпородженого    Св. Ап. Якова – День Матерi

2018   Sunday, May 13, 2018   

2018   Недiля 13 травня, 2018    

2018  May 13   The Children's Word: Noticing people


  Sunday of the Samaritan Women   Holy Great-martyr George    Неділя про Самарянку      Влч. Юрія Переможця

2018   Sunday, May 6, 2018   

2018   Недiля 6 травня, 2018    

2018  May 6   The Children's Word:In Spirit and Truth

There were no bulletins during the summer months

Please note: there are no bulletins during the end of June, in July, nor in August.

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Sunday February 3, 2019

9:00 AM  Bilingual Divine Liturgy

Immediately after

Parish Annual Meeting


Sunday February 10, 2019

8:30 AM English Divine Liturgy

10:15 AM Ukrainian Divine Liturgy

Jr. UOL Coffee Hour Following Both Liturgies